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16. Lucinda Mol (41)    

Løp:   Amundsen Race 12-spann 2018 (Førstegangskjører)

Adress: oudendijk 64, 3291 ln Strijen

Telefon: 0031650936979

E-post: kimberlykimmie@gmail.com

Hemsida: www.griffins-pride.com

Yrke: Anicura vetrinaire assistent

Klubb/licens: Dassc and Vfs

Antal år med hundkörning: 13

Kennelnamn: Griffin's pride kennel

Hundras: Siberian husky

Ant. hunder: 16

I run competition races together with my brother. My parents are with us dureing the races as handlers. My nephews are junior mushers and handlers. Together we have great joy training the dogs.

Intresse utöver hundkörning: The sleddog sport,

Andra långdistanserfarenheter:
2 times trans thuringia finisher and 1 time Vercor quest runner

Varför Amundsen Race:
I love to be in the nature with my dogs. Just me and them. To work together with them is something i wouldn't want to miss in my life

Vad lockar med långdistanskörning:
GFinish the race with all healthy dogs, handlers and mushers and together enjoy our race in the fullest.

Namn, antal och ålder på hundarna i spannet:
Oshe 4 years and Lexa 8 years