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27. Håkan Nisula (63)    

Løp:   Amundsen Race 12-spann 2018 (Førstegangskjører)

Adress: Jonsbyn 448, 66060 Molkom

Telefon: +46707973589 / +46707973589

E-post: hakan.nisula@filipstad.se

Hemsida: www.bielkersmils.com

Klubb/licens: Filipstads Brukshundklubb

Antal år med hundkörning: 10+

Kennelnamn: Bielkersmils

Hundras: Samojeder och AH

Ant. hunder: 12 + 6 AH

Wife Christina, 4 children and hopefully I'm grandpa when the race starts :-)

Intresse utöver hundkörning:
To dream and to implement the dreams - and now it's long distance races with dogs that attracts

Andra långdistanserfarenheter:
No, with my AH - but with the samoyed dogs, I have completed Femund 400, Amundsen Race, 3 Polar distans 300 and 3 PD 160...

Varför Amundsen Race:
Just what I'm thinking about when I put booties on my dogs on a rainy evening of October for yet another training round...

Vad lockar med långdistanskörning:
10 of my dogs is two years, so this season is to give both me and the dogs experience for the next year when I hope to be able to run the Finnmark 1 200

Namn, antal och ålder på hundarna i spannet:
It's me, and I'm too old .... So I hope Kaka 5 years will come to my help, otherwise, I have five two-year-olds dogs who want to lead the team